Our first Finders Keepers Market was just WOW.

Still recovering from the weekend but thought I'd post some pics from our stand.

We made the double racks ourselves - timber purchased from Bunnings.

Colourful wire baskets from Down to the Woods

Ply cubes borrowed from a friend but you could easily make these from timber at Bunnings. We just pinned colourful paper behind each cube.

Mannequins and coat hangers from Shop for Shops 

Limited stock is left after the market. Shop here.

Wrap up:

I think when we do Finders Keepers next time, we will get a bigger stand. Our 2m x 2m stand was a bit too small to showcase our range and also too small for all the shoppers and their prams.

It was such a great market and we loved meeting everyone, and the other fab designers at the market! Cant wait to do it again next year.

Andrea xx


Kathy Douglas said:

Hi I am starting out with my hand made kids clothing. I love the stands you made and would love my husband to make me 2 for my stall. Would you happen to have the dimensions, wood used and any other information on how you built them. Your stall looks amazing I am truly inspired.

Thanks Kathy

Morgana said:

My 18mth old is OBSESSED with his new banana shorts that I bought at the market! It’s the first ever item of clothing that he insists on putting on. Win!
Definitely do a bigger stall next time ?

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