Need to send a gift to someone special? Maybe a friend or relative has just had a new baby and you want to send a gift? Or maybe for a birthday or baby shower? We we have got you covered! We will save you the time of wrapping your gift - and we can post it to your special someone! Especially handy when your special someone is not local to you.

We will wrap your purchase in our KaPow leopard print tissue, that we have custom designed especially for our customers, we will pop on a cool kapow sticker and write a card for you!

How cute to receive this in the mail! 

To get your purchase gift wrapped - Simply add the gift wrap product to your cart, along with your gift items - perhaps an outfit and a little rattle for example, and we will wrap your order.

To have a personal note added to the card - please email your note to:

 Gift wrap – KaPow Kids Clothing

March 22, 2021 — andrea goulding

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